Spring cleaning with the help of a kind team of cooling specialists

Spring is finally here and with it comes general cleaning.

I love cleaning and organizing.

Spring cleaning is usually one of the highlights of my spring and I usually prefer cleaning alone or with my sister when she is around. This year, however, I was swamped with work and had to employ a team of professional cleaners to help with my house and other intricate appliances. I often prefer to first clean the house and then proceed with cleaning the HVAC system. After we finished with the house, I waited for a week to schedule the cooling experts to help with the air conditioner tune-up. A cooling specialist once advised me to schedule the annual maintenance of the new air conditioning system as this would keep the indoor air quality top-notch because the HVAC ducts remain clean. Since I replaced the heat pump with a mini-split air conditioner I have religiously followed the maintenance program. The technicians were prompt in their arrival time and I noticed they had a new contractor as part of the team. The supervisor delegated the duties and the technicians started working. Some were examining and cleaning the temperature control while others were duct sealing. The supervisor enlightened me on the benefits of sealing the ductwork including saving on the cost of energy. The thermostat was fixed and the zone control system was restored. The entire process took about five hours, but by the time they were leaving my house, the quality of the air was impeccable. I later left a positive review on the HVAC business website.


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