A wonderful evening

My spouse and I went to a great jazz concert the other weekend. The songs were great, the site was good, and most of all, the air conditioning was terrific! Having perfect indoor comfort while going to a concert is important And with it as warm as it has been outside, having great air conditioning inside the site was entirely a godsend – not only for us coming to watch the concert, but for the jazz band as well. How hard is it to play with poor air conditioning when it’d hot out? I guess some sites without air conditioning will cancel the shows until they can substitute their commercial heating and cooling units, if they don’t have the right air flow and power going on in there. That is how pressing heating and cooling is at a high-class concert site, for things like jazz concerts and even classical concerts. It is not like some wild outdoor rock concert, where everyone is on drugs and doesn’t care if it’s hot or cold. It is a whole different game. I am just so glad the folks I was with and found a site with everything under control, when it came to the cooling system. I have been in places that have had horrible air conditioning; it was no fun being there!
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