Finding the right HVAC plan

Well, I was wrong! At least with these HEPA brand washable air filters.

My local heating and cooling supplier had been promoting their service plan a lot. At first, I wasn’t interested. However, after hearing what it was all about, I decided to sign up and pay for a year of the plan. Heating and cooling service plans are not easy to come by, in terms of ones that are worth the money and that cover everything. My local HVAC supplier has one of the few out there that covers everything needed, which is why I signed up. I got it at the right time, too, because they are no longer offering this plan. They are all sold out. Had I waited, I would have missed out on such a great deal. I will most likely renew it next year, because it is nice to be covered. Also, having no additional cost for heating and cooling system tune-ups and check-ups included is a nice bonus too. I wouldn’t want to lose that. The deal was better than I expected. For the first time ever, I finally took the plunge and decided to try out some washable air filters for our central heating and air conditioning system. The washable air filters were HEPA; I bought them because I was going to try washable air filters. I wanted them to be the absolute best possible. I am so glad I did! These washable air filters worked! I had doubts about the whole concept of washable air filters to begin with, which is why for so long I never decided to take a chance and try them. I figured it was some kind of lame hype and when you tried to clean them they would fall apart right on the spot or not entirely get the job done. Well, I was wrong! At least with these HEPA brand washable air filters. Because of having these HEPA washable air filters, I didn’t have to update them for many weeks! That is how long you can keep washing them until they are all used up. This is just talking about the HEPA brand washable air filters that I experienced. I have since been buying nothing but HEPA washable air filters for our central heating and cooling unit! I will never go back to other air filters after seeing how great these washable HEPA filters are. I don’t know about others, but these HEPA air filters are the best, and nothing can compete with them!


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