How did they do it?

How did people survive in the old days, before heating and cooling systems? How did they do it? With extreme weather in some parts of the world, there had to be some way people were able to keep warm or cold when needed.

  • If there wasn’t, wouldn’t people have died at a young age? This mystery interests me.

It is difficult to find any information on the Internet about it. I truly do not know where to even research how people survived for much of history around the world, without heating and air conditioning. I know the first form of heating was a hot water boiler. Beyond that, I know nothing! How did they cool the air? Fans couldn’t be the answer, because if it is really hot, fans only blow the heat all over, making it worse! I am glad that in my lifetime we have always had modern heating, and air conditioning. It is what I always rely on when the weather is awful – too hot or too cold. Temperature extremes are a bigger part of today’s world than many people know. If you think about it, you will see exactly what I am talking about! It genuinely is one of the main mysteries of the world.

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