The loose thermostat

I had the most discouraging issue with my smart thermostat recently.

It kept falling off the wall! Everytime I walked past it, the smart thermostat was on the floor instead of mounted, as it should have been, to the wall in the hallway.

I finally figured out why the smart thermostat was loose – I had never screwed it in! What I am talking about is the metal holders it hooks on and mounts to. I got my screwdrivers, and screwed the holders into the site as they should have been all along. Perhaps I should have called the local heating and cooling supplier to install the smart thermostat into the central heating and cooling unit! However, I saved a few bucks by doing it myself; I just didn’t get it completely right. Now, the smart thermostat rests perfectly on the wall and is no longer falling onto the ground every time I walk down the hallway. My smart thermostat had been working well, saving me a lot of money on energy use, and made my life a lot easier when it came to running our central heating and cooling system.

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