We had a pleasant time on the cruise that we almost backed out on

My wife and I were really excited when we went on a cruise for the first time.

We almost backed out when we were thinking about the possibility of there being some issue that causes the boat to sink. Neither of us are good swimmers and we thought if there was something wrong with the boat, we might drown or something. Then we realized we were being ridiculous and our family members encouraged us to pack our things and have a wonderful time. Well, the boat was quite charming and we loved the cabin that we had waiting for us. In our cabin, the climate control system was amazing. There was a smart thermostat we were able to connect to and it made adjusting the temperature control settings a breeze. Even the captain and crew members were great. The captain of the boat made a short speech welcoming us on board and explaining the route we would be taking and spoke briefly of our time that would be spent ashore at a nice tropical island. The buffets were calling our names when we were hungry and I couldn’t believe how great all the food was, and there was so much of it. We had a great time the whole time. I think swimming in the pool was probably the most exciting. But I do have to admit that when we went ashore, the museum we went to was pretty nice. It was an old maritime museum and we learned all kinds of interesting facts about the history of the area.

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