While my parents pushed me into a college, I unfortunately ended up dropping out

Things didn’t go my way when I went to college.

I actually just wanted to go to a local community college at first, but my parents pushed me to go to something nicer in their minds.

I got into this college they wanted me to attend, but I didn’t get along with most of the students there. I felt like an outcast and like I didn’t belong at this school. Things weren’t even like that for me when I was in high school, it was easy to make friends. I tried to push myself to just get by since I realized it wasn’t all about the social experience, but learning what I needed to learn in order to get a good career. I worked at it for awhile, but I couldn’t take it anymore after a few fights with my roommate in the dorms. I finally decided to drop college as I was struggling rather badly anyway. I never was able to get good sleep because the room was always feeling overheated. Even when I purchased a portable AC unit, somebody reported me saying that I was not permitted to bring portable HVAC units in the dorms which I thought was ridiculous. I swore all these people were out to make my life miserable. My parents were upset when I dropped out, but I ended up going to an HVAC trade school, and this school was more to my liking. Everybody there was nice and while learning about heating and cooling equipment wasn’t as easy as I imagined, it was very interesting stuff. Now I’m an HVAC professional and I’m paying off my own student loans instead of letting my parents pay for my mistake.
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