I love to labor from lake house because I get to control the air conditioning system myself

This is the first year that I have ever worked from home, although I love it.

It’s the first time that I have ever worked from lake house in the Summer as well as it’s so much better than laboring from the office.

I love the fact that I can sleep a little bit later because I do not have to make the long drive into the office. I can also choose to wear whatever I want to to work, since nobody is going to see myself and others except myself in the mirror! But honestly, the thing that I love the most about laboring from lake house while the two of us were in the Summer is the fact that I am able to control the a/c settings myself, however back at the office, the office manager is the only 1 with the key to the temperature control unit, then he wields that thing love it is his magical sword, as well as he will not let anybody else ever touch the temperature control. The worst thing about that is the fact that he is legitimately chilly natured, as well as so he will not turn the a/c down nearly enough while the two of us were in tepid Summer afternoons. Sporadically the temperature in the office feels love it gets to 85 degrees! I hate being too hot, as well as so laboring in the office on tepid Summer afternoons is just torture for me. I love the fact that now that I am laboring from home, I can set the a/c settings however low I want them, then as long as I’m laboring from home, I will never be too tepid in my office!


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