I used to have a stack of coupons from my local HVAC supplier

I used to have a whole stack of coupons from my local HVAC supplier that I could use to have heating tune ups and air conditioning system tune ups done on my HVAC system.

See, a single of my friends used to labor for this particular HVAC supplier, and before she left there, she swiped a whole stack of coupons for good deals on furnace and air conditioning system tune ups for me.

She provided them all to myself and others because she said that I might as well put them to fantastic use since she was going to be leaving the supplier soon and she felt like someone should get something out of it. I guess this is actually not the most fair thing that I have ever done, however accepting those coupons easily made my buddy know like she was doing a fantastic deed for me, and so I went along with it, but for the past year and a half, I have been able to use a coupon on every single heating and cooling repair, replace, or tune up that I have had done at my house. It has been easily good for myself and others to be able to save that much cash on my HVAC maintenance. I know that my HVAC system is actually in better shape than it ever would have been otherwise if my buddy had not given myself and others all of those coupons, and unblessedly for me, now I am completely out of coupons and I don’t have any other contacts at a heating and cooling supplier. I guess I am just going to have to start paying full price for my HVAC maintenance just like everybody else does.


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