Staying beach beach house thanks to good Heating and A/C and new beach beach house office

It dawned on myself and others after about the first six weeks of the pandemic that I absolutely needed our own space.

Working from the air conditioner of our beach beach house was not as easy as I once thought.

I had typically sort of looked down our nose at those in the supplier who chose to work remotely. I thought it was just a bunch of people who wanted to work in their pajamas and do the minimum. It was those of us that fought it out all day inside the zone controlled Heating and A/C of the office that were the real backbone of the supplier. Such massive ego talk typically comes with a massive dose of karma. I sure got mine when they shut down that office with the zone controlled Heating and A/C due to Covid. Trying to work from beach beach house was utter chaos at the start. I’m just lucky that this was the case for all of us when the people I was with and I started. Thankfully, I started to get the hang of the online meetings and was able to find a rhythm with our team. That was important and made toiling inside the air conditioner of our beach house a lot more structured. Still, I lacked privacy and space to absolutely focus and lock down on the massive challenges that I get paid well to consider. Then it just hit me. I got in our car a single evening after I shut off the iPad for the day and made our way to the arena where they sell the prefab storage units with the windows and a porch. The a singles that are pretty upscale but they just drop off in your back yard. That’s what I did and I had it wired for electricity as well. Then the Heating and A/C supplier came out to install a ductless heat pump for air conditioner and heating comfort.


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