The Basement is Naturally Cooler and I Love It

Even though I’m an adult and I own my own house, I love spending the night at my parent’s house, however whenever I say this to other people, they usually think that I’m crazy; Nobody my age cares about to be at their parent’s condo for extended amounts of time.

While I agree to some extent, I have a legitimately unique reason why I care about to stay there.

When my parents renovated their basement, they added a guest living room and it became the locale I stayed whenever I visited, it’s a easy room with a bed and a dresser and there’s nothing high-priced about it, and there’s not even a bathroom in the renovated basement, which means that I have to walk all the way upstairs to get to it; You may be asking yourself why I’m so fond of it then. The answer is easy: the basement is much cooler than the rest of the house; Because the basement is cooler, I’m able to sleep peacefully and uninterrupted. I would never be able to cool my condo to 65 degrees, especially in the summer; My utility bill would be outrageous! My parent’s basement however, is naturally 65 degrees and it feels appealing. They did connect the central HVAC idea to the basement, but it’s not needed during the summertime because the ground naturally lowers the temperature of the space. Because of this, my parents have closed all the air vents to keep cooler air from entering because it’s not worth adding more cool air.


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