I prefer the fact that the condo community takes care of our heating and cooling

The people I was with and I ended up moving into a big condo community here in town last year.

The people I was with and I decided that we were going to downsize, and this location seemed like it was the right fit for us.

I had never lived in a location like a condo community before, and I wasn’t very sure everything that it entailed. I was kind of afraid of residing so close to other people, but so far, everything has been great. One of the things that I used to don’t like about residing in our own condo was the fact that we had to be in charge of all of the repair work. That included the exterior of the condo and things like the heating and air conditioner inside. Since I stayed home, I was regularly the 1 in charge of calling the dealers and getting things lined up. I regularly hated doing that, then now but, everything is completely different. Since we moved into the condo community, I found out that I no longer have to be in charge of the heating and cooling system in our house! You would not believe how happy I was when I found out that I no longer have to deal with any kind of repair when it comes to our furnace or our air conditioner. If anything ever goes wrong with our Heating and A/C system in the condo, I just have to call our main repair repair and they come out and take care of everything for us. When I first found out about this, I was so happy that I could have jumped up and down!

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