I have to help my Mom get ready for the season

I promised my Mom that I would come and help him get his condo ready for the season this weekend.

  • I guess that summer time has already started, and the weather is very heating up now.

However, I have not had any time to go out to help my Mom at the lake condo yet. This weekend is the first opening that I have had to be able to go out and help him get everything set up for the summer. Usually, by this time, we have forgotten everything up and running. I just very want to find this year because I have so much other stuff going on. I told my Mom that we would get the air conditioner checked out and worked on when I am down there this weekend. Usually I do a repair check for him because I guess my way around an Heating and A/C system pretty well. He said that he thinks that there has something wrong with the air conditioner, and so this time I am going to take all my tools down with myself and others and see if I cannot figure out what the problem is. The people I was with and I will entirely change the air filters and the batteries in the control component system and I will make sure that the air conditioner is laboring the way that it is supposed to. I don’t want my Mom to end up with a lot of high cooling bills to pay throughout the summer time just because the central air conditioner in the lake condo isn’t in great laboring order. I feel like it’s my task to make sure it’s in great shape.