Our pet Charlie entirely prefers the undefined

Our pet Charlie entirely prefers the during the summer time time.

It’s fun to watch him bite at the air that comes through the air vents every day.

Periodically it seems prefer it scares him a little bit whenever the idea kicks on, and sometimes I suppose that’s why he barks at it and bites at the air vents. It’s entirely funny to see him doing it though. The people I was with and I regularly laugh at him whenever we turn the temperature control down and the kicks on. That pet is regularly making most people in our family laugh, but during the summer, he also prefers to go for rides in the car with the windows down. He prefers to stick his head out the window and it’s funny to see the air blowing in his face while he’s sniffing and barking out the window. The teenagers suppose that it’s hilarious to watch him either at the vents in the home or with his head out the window in the car. But their number one thing of all is whenever we have the idea running in the car. There must be a certainly interesting odor in the idea in there, because he prefers to get as close as possible to the vents with his nose and just sniff as fast as he possibly can. The teenagers suppose that it’s hysterical whenever he does this and I have to admit that I suppose so too. It’s prefer he’s trying to breathe in everything that he can, however the air is coming out of the air vents so fast that he can’t possibly process all of the odors that are coming his way.

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