I grew up so close to the coast that we didn’t need an HVAC system

I grew up so close to the coast that we really didn’t need an HVAC system in the house. The breezes from the ocean blew in through the house throughout the spring and the summer, and my dad always used to call that nature’s air conditioning. He used to tell us kids that he felt sorry for the people who had to use central air conditioning in their homes during the summer. He said that we were much better off without air conditioning in our house because we were able to get the cool breezes and the smells of nature on the beach in our house all the time instead of using canned air. I don’t know if he was saying that because he really liked living without air conditioning, or if it was because we were really too poor to have any sort of HVAC system in our house back then when we were kids. Either way, we really loved our lives when we were growing up and we never really felt like we were missing out on anything. However, now that I am an adult, I really enjoy having central air conditioning in my house. Of course, I don’t live close to the beach now like I did when I was growing up. I live closer to the mountains than the beach but I still like using the central air conditioning in the summer when the temperatures are high. The best part about using air conditioning is the way that it gets rid of the humidity in the house.
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