I will pay for a service plan to keep the air conditioning from leaking

We had a terrible time with the air conditioning system in our beach house a couple of summers ago.

We had closed up the house for a while so that we could go back to our regular home for a few months.

However, we always leave our heating and cooling system going whenever we aren’t there just to try and cut down on the humidity that makes its way into the house. This really backfired on us a couple of years ago when we left the air conditioning running when we were not there. We weren’t going to be there for a couple of months, but we left the air conditioning on just to keep the humidity out. This was a terrible idea in hindsight, because the air conditioning ended up leaking while we were not there. It soaked through the floor and ended up ruining a lot of the work that we had done down in the basement. It also ruined some of our Christmas storage that we had stored down there close to the air conditioning system. We learned a lesson with that. It could have been a whole lot worse I guess. That’s when we decided that we were going to have a heating and cooling company come and check on the air conditioning and heating system in the house every so often when we were not there. I just feel like it’s a good investment to do that since it will cost us a lot less than doing major repair work in the rest of the house should something ever go wrong again.


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