I wouldn’t let it go if my HVAC airflow was heavily reduced

Having weak air flow in your central heating and air conditioner is not a great thing at all, however when you have this issue the first thing you should do is call your local heating and A/C business to have a look and see what the issue is, however most of the time it is that you need your air duct cleaned, this is the first thing the heating and A/C business will check… And if it turns out that it is the air duct that needs to be cleaned, the heat and air conditioning specialist will usually offer to do it right there on the spot as long as it isn’t a deep air duct cleaning that is needed.

In the event that a deep air duct cleaning is needed the heating and A/C specialist will have you set up another heat and air conditioning condo services appointment usually within a few afternoons of the initial heating, ventilation and A/C visit. In the event that it is a heating and A/C emergency and the air duct deep clean needs to be done immediately they will do it right on the spot but charge you quite a bit for emergency heat and air conditioning condo services even though they are already there. This was what I heard from a neighbor of mine who needed emergency deep air duct cleaning to unblock the air flow of their central heating and air conditioner unit. I have been fortunate enough to never have this happen to me before because I am regularly having our air duct cleaned on a semi respected basis. This is simply what I suggest you do as well.

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