My friend Beth has a ton of dog hair in her air conditioning vents

My friend Beth has literally a ton of dog hair in the air conditioning vents in her house.

I had to go over to her house the other day to pick up her mail for her when she was out of town.

I had not been inside of her house for a long time, because usually whenever I see her, I just pick her up outside and we take my car whenever we go out. This time however, I ended up having to go inside of the house to leave her mail. That’s when I saw that there was literally a ton of dog hair in her house. It was floating around in the air where I could see it! Beth has four dogs living in her house, and I think she has a couple of cats too. The amount of animal hair that is in her house is just crazy. I do not think that there is any way that they can be very healthy living in that type of situation. They have to be having some sort of respiratory issues because the indoor air quality in the house is really suffering. I noticed when I was in the kitchen leaving the mail on the counter, the air conditioning vent on the floor was dislodged. I was just going to kick it back into the hole of the air duct when I noticed the reason why it was dislodged in the first place. The whole entire air duct was stuffed full of dog hair and cat hair! I was really shocked to see that. Beth is going to have to get a professional ductwork cleaning done and she may even need a completely new HVAC system. I’m afraid that all of that animal hair may have ruined her current one.


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