New Fan Blade Would Take Weeks

As soon as I heard the clicking, I knew that something was wrong with my AC system.

I didn’t know where the clicking was coming from or how to begin looking for the issue, so I called the HVAC company to get an HVAC professional on the scene. When I explained the clicking noises over the phone, the man was very concerned as well. He agreed to come look at my AC system himself that afternoon. I was very impressed by his personal motivation to come out and help me, because I was desperate to get it fixed. When the HVAC professional arrived, he located the source of the clicking right away. The unusual noise was coming from the AC system’s fan. I would have never been able to locate this issue no matter how hard I tried. I was hoping that the fan would be repaired on the spot, but according to the HVAC professional, it needed to be replaced entirely. When I asked him how quickly it could be done, he gave me some disappointing news. Due to a lack of inventory, it would take up to two weeks to get the new fan in for my AC system. During this time, my AC would be out of commission and I’d have to find somewhere else to go if I wanted cool air. I was devastated by this news, but I was thankful to have it come in a matter of weeks. The HVAC professional said some homeowners were waiting months for new parts.

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