We surprised our dad with a new air conditioning system

We decided to surprise our dad with a new air conditioning system for his house as a birthday gift. My dad is a really hard person to buy anything for. He just never really wants anything new. He has been wearing the same old baseball hat for the past five years now, and don’t even get me started on talking about his shoes. He still has the same jacket and pair of sunglasses that he wore when he was back in the war 30 years ago. This man makes everything last forever. So when he actually complained about the fact that he needed a new thermostat unit, my sister and I really perked up and listened. He actually started talking about the thermostat first, but then he mentioned that he might need to start thinking about getting a new central air conditioning system for his house. As soon as he said that, my sister and I looked at each other and that’s when we knew what we were going to get him for his birthday. We decided that we were going to try to surprise him with it by having it installed by our local HVAC company when he was at home. He had to go away for the weekend a couple of weeks before his birthday, which turned out perfectly for us. My sister showed up and let the HVAC technicians inside and they were able to install the new air conditioning system for him along with a new smart thermostat unit. My dad was so surprised when he came home and he had a brand new air conditioning system.

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