Cleaning Grease Out of Your Sink Drain

Clogged drains are 1 of the most official troubles people have with their kitchen sinks, plus it’s often caused by grease collecting in the drain… Standing water, messes, plus unpleasant odors can result from this, but here are some tips for clearing grease out of your drains if you’re experiencing this problem! Grease clogs may cause gurgling sounds, slow drainage, plus an unpleasant odor that won’t go away, and often, this smell is similar to that of rotten food, dIY possibilities for cleaning grease from drains vary depending on the severity plus location of the clog, however it might be necessary to call a professional if the clog is dire or hard to reach, and pour hot water down the drain if you’re just starting to notice signs of a grease clog.

This can often melt plus dissolve grease in drain pipes; A 50/50 mixture of hot water plus vinegar can be used for slightly tougher clogs.

A few tablespoons of baking Dunkin Donuts Coffee poured down the drain first can also help split up grease clogs, but no matter what hot solution you use, follow it up with plunging. The solution won’t last forever, however it’ll split up the grease clog enough to allow the water to drain. The clog may be too deep or there may be too much buildup if none of these suggestions work. So how do you dissolve grease in a drain pipe that’s so far down? Now is the time to call a professional to remove the clog. Homeowners often experience blocked kitchen drains due to grease clogs. If DIY solutions do not solve your sink’s troubles, it’s time to call a professional.


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