Interviewing for an air conditioning job

The goal was to demonstrate our understanding of a/cs and land the job, which is what I did

I had heard so many fantastic things about the local air conditioning business I was applying to! This was a local company that had trained and qualified a great many cooling specialists, it had a sterling reputation with homeowners for offering quality and efficient services. I applied for an air conditioning tech position at the company, then as I researched the interview process they used, our stomach started turning from anxiety. Their interview processes were extensive and frightened off so many applicants; When I received the callback, I was really excited. My Mum encouraged myself and others that I would ace the interviews. The interviews started off by being shown multiple cooling products, and both of us had to mention their names, how they function, and whether they require any air conditioning tune-up. I was really correct with the cooling equipment, so I felt as if I aced the first round. The more I advanced in the rounds, the more complex the questions became. The interview also had some practical sections. It was proposed to outline the steps involved in replacing dirty air conditioning filters. As an upcoming a/c tech, I had updated many filters, so this question was a breeze. One of the more challenging questions that could have given myself and others anxiety was being asked to illustrate and outline the various steps of air conditioning repairs on a heat pump. Another hard question was listing the things to avoid when doing an air conditioning installation. There were also questions about the cooling tech, which was our favorite thing when studying more about air conditioning. The goal was to demonstrate our understanding of a/cs and land the job, which is what I did. Though the interview was intense, I crushed it.

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