Starting an air conditioning business

After graduating from the state university, I joined a company and worked there for five years before leaving it to found our own.

Before I left, both of us built a fantastic rapport with 1 of the senior a/c reps, Jenny had taken a liking to myself and others from the first assignment both of us worked on together.

Jenny said that our zeal and determination reminded him of myself. Jenny helped myself and others grasp some of the complex topics when I was studying more about air conditioning. I shadowed this pro for over a year, and from that, I perfected our skill in air conditioning installations and mastered all the cooling products. When I started to consider leaving the company, Jenny walked myself and others through the things I needed to do before. The company both of us worked for had a study package, and our teacher proposed I enroll in school to advance our knowledge in cooling technology. I enrolled in the program and completed the course. A few weeks later, I tendered our resignation, however during the first few weeks of building our air conditioning business, the teacher would check in on myself and others and help myself and others through some major huddles. It then got so tied up as I tried to build our inventory by stocking cooling machines such as heat pumps and quality air conditioning filters. Over the next 2 years, I expanded our service line to include air conditioning tune-ups. A few years after founding our business, I opened a training center to train the cooling specialists in our company. My air conditioning experts were all so fantastic at executing air conditioning repairs that they won multiple awards. I met the teacher at 1 of the award afternoons, and she almost cried when she saw me. I had become an AC expert, just as she had wanted for me.
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