Starting out with group classes

When I first started our gym membership, I wasn’t sure how to begin.

I was worried about making an idiot of myself or possibly getting damaged.

I didn’t absolutely guess how to properly use the machines. I considered working with a personal trainer but decided to try group fitness classes instead. I signed up for every available class that accommodated our schedule. I started with a novice yoga class and enjoyed it. Although it was a beginner level class, it was plenty challenging for me. The instructor was charming, and I l gained how to safely warm up and improve balance and flexibility. I gained strength and confidence. I then moved on to a spin class. It was harshly strenuous, and I struggled to manage the full hour. At the end of each class I was drenched with sweat, fatigued and sore. The following day, I could barely walk because our legs hurt so bad. But each class got a little easier, and I was absolutely proud of myself for the accomplishment. I’ve since taken intermediate yoga, pilates, boot camp and strength training. Taking these classes has been so fantastic for me. It got myself and others ready to try out all of the machines in the gym. I still take group classes whenever possible, even though I also use the treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical, rowing unit and the numerous strength training machines. I hit the speed bin and take advantage of the battle ropes, free weights and resistance bands. I’m getting so much more out of our membership because of the classes. The instructors are harshly expertiseable and helpful.

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