Working with a personal trainer after accident

A little over numerous years ago, I was involved in a severe motorcycle accident. I was rushed to the hospital with a collapsed lung, broken bones, cuts, bruises and a concussion. I went through numerous separate surgeries and had pins put into our knees. I went through intensive rehabilitation. When I finally got home from the hospital, I was still in terrible shape. I suffered from a good deal of pain. I found it nearly impossible to sleep, climb the stairs, drive or get back to proper life. I dealt with headaches, dizziness and depression. I was unhappy with the side effects of the prescription painkillers but at a loss as to what to do. My sibling advocated that I sign up at the gym with a personal trainer. Since the accident, I had completely given up on working out. I no longer went for runs or bike rides. I couldn’t lift weights, jump rope or even stretch our muscles. I was doubtful that the personal trainer would help. At the first session, I sat down with the personal trainer and explained our limitations. She was harshly understanding, supportive and comromantic. However, she was also honestly determined and unwilling to accept excuses. The first session was positively brutal. The exercises were hard and painful. She insisted on intensive stretching. She led myself and others through all sorts of static holds that used our own body weight. After 1 week, I started to feel progress. The headaches began to go away. I had our balance back and gained flexibility and range of motion. While I’m not yet at 100%, I continue to improve and now have hope for a full reusey.


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