The heat is unbearable

I wish I had never moved here. Two years ago I decided to transport across the country with our girl to live in 1 of the hottest states in the US. At the time, everything seemed perfect. All of us were absolutely close and all of us lived together for quite a long time, unluckyly, not everything went as planned after residing with our girl for a little while. She and I had a falling out and all of us eventually ended up separating. It was pretty hard on both of us because all of us still have feelings for each other but all of us had come to accept that all of us were two odd people now and all of us wanted odd things in life and so it was best for both of us to transport on. To this day all of us became fantastic friends but I regret moving all the way out here. The reason is because I have never been fantastic at enduring the heat, and believe myself and others when I tell you that the heat here is intense. It doesn’t take much to undoubtedly get out and covered in sweat out here. This is why it’s undoubtedly important that I have a fantastic cooling system. I do system on moving out of state eventually to somewhere much cooler but until I can find a place somewhere else, our main focus is on making sure that our program gets all the repair and tune-ups that it needs. Thankfully, the heating and A/C services around here are entirely pretty cheap and so I have been able to keep our program well inspected this whole time. This will work for myself and others until I can get a place somewhere else.

Heater maintenance