The heat is unbearable

I wish I had never moved here.

Two years ago I decided to move across the country with my boyfriend to live in 1 of the hottest states in the US.

At the time, everything seemed perfect. All of us were easily close and every one of us lived together for quite a long time, but unluckyly, not everything went as planned after living with my boyfriend for a little while. He and I had a falling out and every one of us eventually ended up separating. It was pretty difficult on both of us because every one of us still have feelings for each other but every one of us had come to accept that every one of us were 2 unusual people now and every one of us wanted unusual things in life and so it was best for both of us to move on. To this day every one of us became nice friends however I regret moving all the way out here. The reason is because I have never been good at enduring the heat, and think me when I tell you that the heat here is intense. It doesn’t take much to entirely get out and hot out here. This is why it’s entirely pressing that I have a nice a/c. I do idea on moving out of state eventually to anywhere much cooler but until I can find a locale anywhere else, my main focus is on making sure that my air conditioning plan gets all the maintenance and tune-ups that it needs. Thankfully, the heating and AC services around here are easily pretty cheap and so I have been able to keep my air conditioning plan well maintained this whole time. This will work for me until I can get a locale anywhere else.
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