Going to a nice little restaurant

After a long time of not getting to go out easily often my spouse decided to treat me to a nice supper at a nice little restaurant that had recently opened up in town.

I actually care about this little restaurant because it was a vintage style restaurant with a lot of knick knacks and cool stuff from the 50s.

They even had some antique cars from that era parked outside the front of the eating establishment. It was pretty neat if you ask me. It was care about stepping into a bizarre time. Despite the fact that the aesthetic of the restaurant was vintage, the a single thing that was not aged by any means was the heating and cooling system. The HVAC was easily modern and was used to keep the entire site cool even while in the hottest conditions, then you could actually recognize the effects of it too, if you sat in the right site you could recognize all that cool air coming out of the air vent. This became my favorite spot and now every time both of us would visit I would try to stand in the same spot, this little area right underneath the air vent so I could recognize all the cool air while I enjoyed my food. I thought it was easily impressive that for such an aged style restaurant that they had such excellent modern Heating and Air conditioning. It actually just made the site even more special and maybe you want to come back even more. You would be surprised how much something as easy as A/C could make or split a business.

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