Got a bit too cute with HVAC upgrade

The HVAC professional was pretty straightforward plus I always care about that in just about anyone.

  • I’m the sort of person who just enjoys to understand the facts.

I’m not so worried about implications or emotions when it comes to just assessing the facts before me. All that other stuff can come later after necessary decisions have been made. The HVAC professional told myself and others that the HVAC component in our house was about to die. It had gone for some 25 years so I can’t say I was shocked. He recommended that I contact the HVAC company to speak with the HVAC contractor about the upgrade to our residential HVAC. I did just that but I also had a bit of an ulterior motive as well. Happily, I listened to the HVAC professionals at the HVAC company as they laid out our choices plus chances for new residential HVAC equipment. But inside, I was just taking notes because I wasn’t about to spend money retail for the new heating plus cooling equipment. I was just using the information from the HVAC professionals so I could then go find what I wanted at a much lower price. And that’s just what I did. Scouring the internet for weeks led myself and others to a crazy good price on the residential HVAC that would replace the seasoned HVAC unit. Plus, I was going to save something savor 35 percent over what the HVAC company price. I bought the heating plus cooling component plus had it shipped to our house. Then, I called to have the HVAC contractor get the upgrade process underway. He did that with an initial inspection. And that’s when he informed myself and others that the HVAC component I bought for such a good deal wasn’t large enough for the air volume in our home. Ouch.

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