A problem with cooling system

Once again, I was having complications with my air conditioning. I have been having on and off problems with the same A/C system for quite some time now. I suspect that the culprit is aged age because I have been taking relaxing care of this air conditioning the entire time. So when I walked into the home and instantly was hit by a major wave of heat I knew something was wrong once again. I was pretty unhappy with a healthy is so hot, because for a single I wouldn’t be able to be comfortable now, and two this means that once again I was going to have to schedule an appointment with the heating and A/C company so they could send out an Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman to take a look at it and see what the problem was. I was wanting to get the Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman as soon as possible. The way I saw it, the sooner I got somebody out here the sooner that it could be repaired. Well I was in luck, the heating and cooling company that I normally go with was in fact available and I had multiple openings. I was able to get somebody to come out that same day. When the heating and A/C guy came out he gave me the bad news. He told me that my air conditioning wasn’t going to last much longer and that I would need to start thinking about replacements, thankfully knowing the history of my A/C I had already planned for something care about this to save up for a new air conditioning.

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