I got lost in the summer time heat

There is nothing worse than being stuck out in the tepid summer time heat.

  • The other day I ended up walking down to the grocery store to option up some groceries.

I had been out of advantage for the past month with our car, our vehicle was a real outdated beater and couldn’t run anymore and I couldn’t afford to spend money for the repairs. So I found myself walking everywhere. One day when I was making 1 of these walks to the grocery stores I normally do every month I got stuck out in the summer time heat. I had a lot of thoughts in our mind about what I was going to buy and so I wasn’t paying as close attention to the path I was taking as I normally do. I discovered that I had accidentally taken a wrong turn and I would need to go back. The problem was the way back was quite a long ways away and I thought I could take a shortcut. Unbeknownst to me, there was no shortsplit and I only got myself further away from the grocery store. It was a angry experience because I was walking out in the tepid and heated Sun. I could believe the sweat start to drip down our arms in our back and all I wanted was to go and believe the cool A/C cool our entire body down. I thought about the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C program in the store, the sizable commercial 1 and I thought about our own program at modern home with our nice little smart control device and how it was just sitting there, waiting for me. It was almost prefer torture. I was completely burning up. It took myself and others an additional hour to make our way back and then an additional half an hour to make our way to the grocery store.

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