Dealing with dust sensitivities through HEPA filters

My kid has always suffered from dust sensitivities.

As a parent, I wanted to do everything I could to ensure that she had the best quality of life possible and so I started doing research on what could be the cause of her dust sensitivities.

There are multiple things that come up, from bizarre types of irritants to even some medical conditions. So I decided to take her to a doctor to have her checked and see what was the particular cause of her allergic reactions. When both of us turned to the doctor the doctor determined that she did not have any particular medical condition but just that she had a high sensitivity to things care about dust, pollen, and dirt. The doctor then said the best way that both of us could get rid of her dust sensitivities would be by removing the source. In this case it would be that dust, pollen, and dirt. He suggested both of us do this by doing a couple of things, and one, he told us that both of us should clean our home more frequently. Don’t supply dust time to collect so that way we’ll have a mostly dust free environment. Secondly, he told us that both of us should go and purchase a HEPA filter or some sort of similar style of air cleaner for my local Heating and Air Conditioning business. He explained that both of us could use a laying air cleaner, the HEPA filter or even both if both of us wanted to, however both of us decided to follow his directions and both of us cleaned our home from top to bottom and then purchased a HEPA filter. Within a couple of weeks, the dust sensitivities had disappeared.


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