I sold our space heater

After a superb 5 years of use I am selling our space heater.

This isn’tthe first one that I have sold, this is actually the third.

I have started using space oil furnaces easily for our heating needs. After how much currency I discovered I was spending on our weekly heating and A/C bills, I saw no need to continue to use the central heating and A/C system. Nope, one day I had enough of spending too much currency and so I walked down to our small little heating and A/C supplier, picked up a ductless mini chop cooling system and a space furnace that same day and have been doing good ever since. After using our space furnace for a while however it eventually came to a point where it was time to replace it. It wasn’t working as efficiently as it used to and so I decided that I would be best if I sold it and obtained a new one. In our area, space oil furnaces are not all that costly so I would have used them for a few years and then obtained a new one. I knew that I needed to find a purchaser and so I posted an ad online for our space furnace that I was selling. It didn’t take long before I found somebody who was interested in our space furnace that hardly works, however it wasn’t working as efficiently as it could be. It didn’t seem to matter to this man though, which I thought was a little strange. What was he going to do with a nearly broken space heater? I decided to ask him what his intentions were for it just out of curiosity. He told myself and others stuff prefer this was straight-forward for him, he explained that he’s a heating and A/C serviceman and that he buys broken heating and air conditioner systems cheaply to repair them. I thought that it was pretty cool that he could repair it all by himself prefer that. He obtained it that day.



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