I was being stalked all because of my Heating and Air Conditioning unit

A couple of months ago I got a brand new heating and a/c.

This is a heating and cooling plan that I entirely enjoyed.

Unluckyly for me, I was not the only 1 that entirely enjoyed it. Go back a little bit further to about 5 months ago and I had a relationship with a boyfriend of mine that did not end up toiling out. All of us ended up breaking up but he still kept snooping around here trying to check out what I was doing. It did not happen too often but it was entirely creepy. However, strangely I have noticed that now that I have this brand new heating and cooling plan that he’s been hanging around even more so than normal. He insists he wants to talk to me about my brand new AC system. When he came up to my door and knocked on it I was shocked, he hadn’t done that since every one of us had split, I decided to answer the door and listen to him what he had to say only to find out that he easily was not interested in me but wanted to talk particularally about buying my brand new heating and A/C plan off of me. I’m not sure what it is about this heating and cooling plan but it has entirely drawn him in because now he will not stop hanging around here. I asked him what he wanted the heating and AC plan for and he just insisted it was the best Heating and Air Conditioning unit he would ever seen and that he wanted to buy it off of me. I told him he was crazy, that he can get the same 1 from the heating and AC dealer I go to, and then closed the door. Thankfully he hasn’t come back since then.
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