He liked the temperatures too hot

I was really excited when I first decided to move in with my boyfriend.

It was a new beginning for us and we had been talking about it for the last couple of years. Despite dating for 3 years, we were just now taking the next big step to move in together. We haven’t been talking about it for the last year but we were just waiting for the right time. Every time we were ready to go and move in together or something always seemed to come up, it was either always something at his job, or we couldn’t find a place. My boyfriend works as a heating AC worker so it is often that he isn’t home. He is always being called out to repair someone’s heating and air conditioning system. Finally though, it’s like all the stars aligned and we had the right opportunity to be able to get our own place together. We were both really excited and we rented a small apartment downtown. 3 weeks later and it was a moving day. When we both officially started living together I noticed something that to me was a little unusual but nothing that was too big for a big deal. The first thing I noticed was that my boyfriend really had a preference for hot temperatures. When I asked why he can’t really explain it he just told me that he felt most comfortable when the thermostat was high. He would keep our apartment in the 80s, I told him that this was too hot for me and it made me uncomfortable and so we decided to compromise and get a zone control HVAC system. This way we can each keep our own temperatures the way we wanted them.


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