I dated the cooling professional

On a cold winter evening, I got a knock at my door.

I knew who would be there and so I went up and answered and sure enough there stood a young and handsome looking guy in a HVAC technician uniform. He greeted me and then said that he was here to fix the gas furnace. I let him into my home and then showed him the way to the gas furnace. As I started talking about all the issues I had been having with the gas furnace and how I really needed to get it working as quickly as possible because my house is getting very cold. I must have been wearing three different sweaters at the moment and had a blanket wrapped around me as well. I then pointed to my thermostat which had already dropped to 63 degrees. The HVAC technician noticed and said he’d be on it right away. I had just planned to go and sit down on my couch and have him tell me when he was finished but something kept me there. He started talking to me and asking me general questions about life, and making it a little bit of small talk as well. Normally I hate small talk, not because I don’t want to get to know anybody but because I crave for much deeper conversations than questions such as “how’s the weather?” There’s something specifically charming about the sky that made me want to stay. I’m glad I did because we really had a great conversation. By the end of the night he had fixed my gas furnace, we exchanged phone numbers and I had started dating a heating and cooling worker.
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