I found a forgotten ductless mini split

Today I came across a little surprise. I found a forgotten ductless mini AC split system. I saw some grocery shopping and I happened to walk around the side of the building. I noticed that somebody had just left sitting there right outside the dumpster. It was still in the box and it looked to be in good condition. I went over to the box and opened it and examined the AC inside and saw that it was in nearly perfect condition. Apart from a little dirt on the outside box, it looks like it should still work. I just had to add it to my car and take it home with me. I already finished my grocery shopping and so all I had to do now is go home and try it out. When I took the duck with me to the split air conditioning home I took it out of the box and took a closer look at it. There didn’t look like there was even a spot of dirt on it! I couldn’t believe this but I would just go and leave a perfectly good air conditioning system out there for the trash. I decided to take it out and give it a good cleaning just in case, and then once it hits thoroughly dry I plugged it in to see if it worked. I was very happy when I saw that it worked perfectly. I have been wanting to get window air conditioning for somebody. Now I would have no need to go out to the local heating and AC business and buy one, when I got something even better, a ductless mini split air conditioning system, for free.


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