It’s great to have the heat pump back in my life

When I took the promotion, I was pretty clear that this was a temporary thing.

I explained to the bosses that I’m a southern guy and wasn’t looking to make moving up north a permanent thing.

I was willing to deal with winters that required a gas furnace to help the company and further my career. But I wasn’t willing to do that forever. So we settled on a four year commitment. However, I got the job done in three. The regional office up north had been a mess for some time and while I knew that I could fix it, I sure wasn’t into HVAC heating for six months. I like being able to enjoy being outside all winter the way I do now and when I was here before. But being back after those four winters up north with the gas furnace cranking and the space heater under my desk just made it all the sweeter to be home. Honestly, I just don’t know how folks do it up north. I hated when I’d feel that first foreboding cold wind come up in October. That was always my que to call the HVAC company to get them out to do the HVAC heating maintenance. Then, it was just all I could do to hang on through the winter. I’m lucky to have purchased a home that had the latest in residential HVAC. My home was cozy warm and I wasn’t getting killed by the high cost of HVAC heating the way many folks were. But now, I’m home where the heat pump reigns supreme.