Realtor was on point when it came to the HVAC upgrade

Man, I knew that selling the house would be an experience.

But I don’t think I was truly prepared for what an overwhelming situation that whole deal ended up being.

Between working all the hours inside the zone controlled HVAC of the office and trying to get the house on the market, I was overwhelmed. It was like I was simply dragging myself from one place to another in order to just keep going. Finally, we got the projects done that we wanted to do to get the house on the market. There was a fully upgraded kitchen, new flooring, a new roof and all sorts of other details like painting and landscaping. In fact, prior to calling to have the listing agent come out for the first time, I told my wife that I had never liked the house more. I was seriously thinking about staying put. And then, the realtor told us that the place looked great but we needed to replace the heating and cooling equipment. That’s when I almost threw in the towel. More cash outlays were not what I was looking for. Sure, the HVAC equipment was old but I thought maybe we could negotiate that part at closing. The realtor showed me the data on why the seller always loses on that one. So we got new residential HVAC and the realtor was right. We sold the place for a bundle and I’m so thankful I just did what the real estate professional said to do. It so paid off.


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