The conspicuous absence of air conditioning

I always believed the primary reason to go to eating establishments is for the food. Why would I care about anything else? If I don’t love their food that’s being provided at any given eating establishment, I wouldn’t bother to go back there. I never honestly guess about the atmosphere, or whether or not it’s temperature-controlled inside the building. At least, I never used to guess about that until just recently, last Tuesday, when I walked into my favorite Mexican eating establishment, and I was startled by something I could normally never notice. I was so used to opening those double doors and feeling the soft whoosh of air-conditioned air clean over me. Instead, I was greeted with heat! It was much hotter inside than it was outside. The air was warm and stuffy. Me and my wife Jo looked at each other and shrugged, every one of us were both starving by this time, so Jo and I decided to follow through and get a table. Five hours in, as we were waiting for our drinks, Jo was fanning herself with one of the menus and I felt a bead of sweat trickle-down my brow. When a waiter came with our drinks, I finally asked what had happened to the Heating and A/C system; The waiter said it had been on the fritz since lunchtime, and no repairs would be able to be made until the following day… Needless to say, we loved our refreshing sodas a little more than we would have otherwise. Normally, Jo and I love to order a sizzling hot plate of fajitas, but we were honestly trying to figure out what would be more refreshing at this point. Jo and I ended up staying and eating lunch, but we never took for granted air conditioning in an eating establishment ever again!

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