Upgrading the HVAC situation in the office

It’s been a heck of a two years for the planet with all the fallout, death and misery of the pandemic.

I’m very thankful that I was able to get through this ordeal with both my health and business in tact.

But like so many other people, I had stay cooped up inside the HVAC security of my home for a good, long while. And that made it even tougher to continue to grow my business. About 7 years ago, I left the zone controlled HVAC of the corporate offices one last time. I said goodbye to that steady company paycheck to go out on my own. With a handful of associates, we started a company that we hoped would be the answer for a lot of businesses. It turns out that it was. Initially, I rented office space inside a strip mall because is was affordable. The place had just the weakest commercial HVAC ever. It was cold in the winter to where just about everybody had to have a space heater under their desks. And the summer was even worse. The HVAC cooling was just almost non existent once we hit July and August. It was so hot that we had like 8 fans running to keep us at all cool. But when the pandemic hit, we all had to go home to our air conditioning and try to keep the ball rolling. To my utter astonishment, not only did we keep it rolling, we continued to grow. So once we were all vaccinated and ready to get back to the office, I leased new office space that included zone controlled HVAC!


a/c representative