Air conditioning makes it comfortable and not just cool

The heat pump makes our home and offices comfortable.

I can’t imagine my life without HVAC cooling. When you live where I do, you have to be ready for the heat. If you can’t deal with that then, it might behoove you to find a different region to call home. In fact, I see it quite often with folks who’ve visited during our glorious fall, winter and spring and then move here. They are so amped to have traded out the gas furnace for the heat pump that they can barely stand it. Then June rolls around and the bill comes due for that 8 months of perfect weather. From June through September, it’s a blast furnace down here. The temps can just sit right at the threshold of the century mark. And for a lot of people, four months of that is a deal breaker. I’ve seen those same people who left the gas furnace behind spend one summer down here only to pack it up and move back home. It’s that kind of thing. Either you manage those four months of heat and humidity well to enjoy the perfection of the rest of the year. Or you don’t. But without HVAC cooling, I would probably have to leave and I’m a native of the region. The heat pump makes our home and offices comfortable. Yet, it’s not just the cooling that the heat pump is offering. The HVAC cooling process also provides serious comfort in the home and office by balancing the humidity levels as well. That sure makes a difference during this time of year. But we’re halfway through heat season now so things will be looking up soon.


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