Changing it all up comes with air purification as well

I don’t know how we got in such a slump.

But we did.

Perhaps, when you have demanding careers and are raising a family together, you don’t make each other the priority quite enough. It seemed like we got into this routine and just couldn’t get out of the loop. Mornings are like herding cats in order to get inside the zone controlled HVAC of the office on time. Then, it’s work all day while texting each other on who is doing what with the kids and dinner and all of that. We get back to the quality heating and air of home only to still be trying to get so many things checked off the list. And then, it starts all over again. The weekends are mainly focused around the kids but we might squeeze in a date night every 6 weeks or so. It dawned on both of us that this just wasn’t enough time together. So chose to join a gym together. We for sure needed to make our health and fitness more of a priority and we’d be doing it together. So we made that commitment to each other and it’s been terrific. Not only are we getting to be just us sharing a passion 3 or 4 times a week, it’s changing our lives as well. We’ve more energy and are just sort of more locked into making the most of each day. When even went for making the house the best when it comes to indoor air quality as well. The HVAC company installed a whole home air purification system inside the HVAC unit. We’ve changed things up for the better and now we have air purification giving us the best indoor air quality possible.

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