I got my air conditioning this year

So we haven’t had all that much luck when it comes to family vacations over the last several years.

Of course, the last two summer we had to opt for a stay at home vacation and then a camping trip the next year. That’s all thanks to Covid of course. And prior to that, we had done our normal beach trip. Still, not all that great. The room was cramped with all of us in there and the HVAC cooling just wasn’t very good. I’m being kind, the air conditioning in that room was the worst. We even packed up and moved rooms after the first night we spent sweating through the sheets. But the next room just wasn’t much better and it was even smaller. So, my wife and I chose to just ignore the fact that the commercial HVAC was junk and focus on the fun stuff and our kids. Of course, the kids could have cared less about HVAC cooling. Ol Dad though, he needs that sweet cooling comfort that comes from a good heat pump. And that’s why I think we’ve found the spot for our vacation going forward. Same beach but this is a vacation rental that has the latest in residential HVAC with all sorts of HVAC technology. That house even has zone controlled HVAC. Not only is the air conditioning maybe the best ever but I even had a thermostat in our room. Dad was so happy during this vacation with all that HVAC cooling comfort. We were due for a great situation after all. And we’ll be booking all that HVAC comfort again next year.

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