It’s not rocket science keeping the HVAC cooling costs down

I put it off for several years. Well, actually this is the fifth summer we’ve been down here so the last four summers, I haven’t done a thing to save on HVAC cooling costs. And the main reason is for that was fear. I just didn’t think that I could handle anything but total cooling comfort. Yet, the bills I pay for air conditioning from June through September were weighing on me. One of the motivating factors for our move to the south was to be done with winter. Well, we can check that one off the list. Additionally, we wanted to be free of the high cost of HVAC heating. The gas furnace we had in our home was the latest in residential HVAC. But that thing ran a lot during the winter just to keep the house at all comfortable. And the prices were tough to swallow when I’d get the utility bill for that. We moved and I sort of just flipped those HVAC costs from winter to summer. But I’d much rather be hot than freeze. So this year, I thought that this would be the time to finally get it together to cut the high cost of HVAC cooling. A neighbor, who’s a native of the area, suggested that the best way to deal with the cost of HVAC cooling was to wait to turn it on. Just get accustomed to the heat as the temperatures rise during the spring. I did just that and followed the checklist on the HVAC company website to prep my house for summer. The first bill for summer air conditioning was more than 25 percent less than this time last year.


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