My winter is just the right amount of heat pump action

I went north when I was a young man.

  • Being straight out of college and eager to conquer the world, I took the best job I was offered when I received my degree.

That it meant I would have to leave a climate where the air conditioning is the biggest part of the HVAC deal. But that barely even registered on my radar as I readied to head up north and take on all comers. That bravado lasted about 4 months until I felt the first cold wind of October. At least I had an apartment with radiant heating. It was an older building that had a giant boiler in the basement. It’s still the largest piece of residential HVAC I’ve ever seen. If it hadn’t been for all that radiant heating, I’d never have made it. And who knows what would have happened if I’d given up and tucked my tail between my legs as I beat a path back to the south. Instead, I did my best to acclimate to the winter weather. But it never took. I always felt as though I was trapped inside the HVAC heating month after month after month. Finally, after five years, I was up for a promotion that would take me back south. I got it and I haven’t left since. My winter now has the perfect amount of HVAC heating which is almost none. The heat pump comes on a few times when we get a cold snap. Otherwise, that residential HVAC stays silent in preparation for all the air conditioning it has to do in the summer.

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