The more things change the more they stay the same at least with HVAC

It’s just so hard to believe that I’ve been living in the house for 25 years.

Equally tough to swallow is the fact that I’m in my late 50’s.

I mean, I look in the mirror and it’s me but there is just so much gray and all those crinkles. At least my wife loves me right? When I chose to leave the city and move out here, I had to buy my first house. And I put in the best residential HVAC I could afford at the time. It was such a big deal, me buying a house and then doing a bit of renovating. That was really the only way I could afford the house. But doing those projects with my brother was great. However, we left the heating and cooling to the HVAC professionals. That was pretty much a no brainer since we weren’t about to attempt to replace old HVAC equipment on our own. That would have ended in complete disaster even though we’re both pretty handy and good at home improvement stuff. Our dad was that way and we just followed him around soaking up all the stuff he knew how to do. But like dad, we knew when we would be completely over our head with a project. And the HVAC equipment was definitely the domain of the HVAC professionals. A lot has happened since those days, I met a girl from here and we are married with lots of dogs and cats. And I’m still commuting to the zone controlled HVAC of the office an hour away. Sure enough, I called the same HVAC company to start the process of replacing the heating and cooling equipment as well since it’s been 25 years.

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