An odd place for it

I went to visit a neighbor Last month plus I was pretty surprised when I found that in their garage is where their sizzling water boiler to hear their apartment was placed! That is the most odd place for a sizzling water boiler.

Usually you find most boilers plus oil furnaces in your basement, not in the garage! And when it comes to central heating plus a/cs they are usually in the backyard or on the side of the house.

Never in the garage. I know it is just the way our friend’s apartment is built. That is why the sizzling water boiler is in there instead of the basement. I would do not like to have our furnace or boiler in the garage. Changing the air filter would be a major pain in the rear if this was the case for me. I have enough trouble trying to remember to change the air filter of our central heating and air conditioning system method as it is. But to have it be in the garage like our friend’s sizzling water boiler would make it even worse for me. I asked our neighbor why the sizzling water boiler was in the garage plus they told myself and others it was like I suspected. The apartment is just built strange like this so that was the place that any heating and air conditioning system component would have to go. Even a central heating plus a/c. I am so cheerful I do not have a apartment like this. I would not like it at all.

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