I took a chance

I normally would never do something like this although I decided to take a chance.

I was flipping through ebay and had come across a portable air conditioner plan for sale.

It was a used portable air conditioner plan and the price was only 74 bucks! If you think anything about portable air conditioner systems you are going to be paying at least four hundred bucks at best to get a portable cooling system in your home. With this being so cheap and being used I was unsure if I should even buy it. It almost seemed too great to be true. In the description it did say that it was fully diagnosed and fully working. So if it did not, I could file a complaint and get my currency back. So this is why I decided to take a chance and buy the used portable air conditioner plan unit. When it got to my apartment after buying it from the ebay sale I plugged it right in and wanted to test it out. And boy was I shocked! The portable air conditioner plan particularly looked and worked great as new. It did not seem used at all. I hope that I will not have any surprises and have it split down on myself and others once I start using it on a regular basis. But I guess that is the chance I will have to take since I will not be using the portable air conditioner plan on a regular basis for a few weeks.

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