The country club

There was this country club I used to go to when I was younger to play hockey.

I definitely appreciated a lot of things about this site.

The main thing I appreciated about it was the central heating plus a/c that they had in the club lake house of the country club. After a nice long game of hockey I could go in there plus relax in either the nice cool a/c or the nice warm heating. All depending on what time of the year that it was. At this time having quality central a/c in sites were sparse because central heat plus cooling system was so new on the HVAC market. And the fact the country club had central heating plus a/c was definitely great. I especially appreciated the Summer time weeks of the year. Because it would get pretty hot sporadically. I would go to the country club a lot this time of year just to hang out in the club lake house to take in the charming a/c plus not even play a game of hockey! At our lake house at the time there was no central air conditioner. Only a window a/c unit. And the cooling from that window a/c unit that I had was nothing adore the central a/c that the country club had. They had a commercial heating plus a/c idea which was even more powerful than the proper residential heating plus air conditioners that were genuinely overpriced at that time. Heating plus a/c is why I went to this country club for several years.



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